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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  November 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the news get up short in game with 7 world series. consult last of the tribe. good morning. today is thursday and it is the day after, the third of novembe. let's check in with scott sabol for look at forecasts. >> it will be a fun off-season for sure.. we had warm weather and finish up the world series in clevelan and now rain moving to cleveland. showers in painesville and then some showers for the southoosh couple's light.
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-- they have to win the came through t, which left.t four hours ago. look at the 50s in cloud cover is so fake. the push of cold air will be relativelyo poll. it's a second recovery other so the grid toso drive the court a for the south. the trending dryerrt and there will be history. temperatures will falll back in this race is is high is -- the west river coming out later today. throughout the week and forgiveness and as for sure.
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just west, 9080s horror forest through the overnight no problems for sure way no problems is yet across the bridge. and the get- 1.87.-g >> good morning, everyone. a little bit quieter out who this morning.
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bruce said this f. arius.. for a live here is the end. they're wered. man back in the air to center. back against the wall. it is gone. dexter fowler at a leadoff home off. kluber. e carlos and counselors this dry you. to scored making a 5-3 game. roger davis scored a two run homer and tied the game at 6.
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and accountants when a test. i will no one will be back. i look forward to it. pitching against seven at the game online trees see a lot of fun.. >> i will say, look comes a
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>> here for achieve. >> that's cleveland, kids. >> we almost got it. that game. have you ever witnessed a game like that?ha my son went to bed meant to wak him out. it was crazy. >> how many hours as they did t get last night? >> liket 2.
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who would've loved it. >> we still love our tribe. >> absolutely. even more now. >> weather and traffic every eight minutes is coming i'll offices ambush. a man police officers. he got away from a police officer in his patrol car. , moving to the east of late showers and heavier showers so the kids the new philly. oro bolt they were routed early
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he shares out near toledo. gestures form and.
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sue with the touchdown. the year.h he helped take akron ahead. logan would say came in as well leading the nation with 21 passes.. marcus rolled through for you search
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scattered short. there was that for drama foul. a stunning it a home run, the indians fell short. we now have the baseball world serieshe drought. art briles it is --t early finishes. what the manager is saying abou the oldest curs related to brea
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we do weather and traffic every
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today is a sad i


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